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This is your ManageHub Accelerator homepage.

Please read this page carefully. It provides you with important links and instructions for accessing your valuable 4-part ManageHub Accelerator content.

You will automatically be given access to this homepage every time you log into your Accelerator Membership account.


To access your Accelerator content, click on the session links below.

IMPORTANT: Please share every completed Accelerator assignments with your ManageHub Coach as soon as they are completed, or as instructed. It is very important that your assignments are reviewed before continuing to the next step. For example, do not set up your ManageHub Software Account until your ManageHub Coach has reviewed your Business Model Map. We want to be sure your Department and Process-Team structure is properly set up.

If your membership does not include access to a ManageHub Coach, you can upgrade anytime.

If you have a technical issue accessing your Accelerator content, please contact the ManageHub Accelerator Team at

If you have a technical issue related to using ManageHub Software click on the Feedback button that is located on the right hand edge of every page.

We are happy to help!


OK... Let's start accelerating your business.



The ManageHub Accelerator is a hands-on, and intensive 4-part course dedicated to helping you build a solid, resilient, sustainable, scalable, and successful business. Our goal is to help you resolve, or better yet, to avoid the typical growing and slowing pains.

Our approach is to teach you how to implement the same kinds of time-tested leadership methods used by the largest, most successful companies to minimize your stress, engage your employees, take control of all the moving parts of your business, and prepare your business to grow, innovate and succeed -- even in tough economic times. You can even use the systematic ManageHub Accelerator methodology to prepare your business for sale.

Each session provides you with access to on-demand videos related to the following topics:


Session One: Creating Your Company's Business Model Map & Gap Analysis - You will learn how to analyze the health of your company, one process at a time. We will show you how to identify your gaps and develop a prioritized plan to resolve them.



Session Two: Populating Your Company's ManageHub with SOPs, Issues, Projects, Ideas, etc. -  You will learn how to use ManageHub to create your company's "LIVING" operations manual. We start by teaching you how to write a standard operating procedure or SOP.  It is easier than you think, and the benefits can help transform your business in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.



Session Three: Using your ManageHub Strategy Scorecard - We will share with you a valuable one-page strategic plan. You will want to post this worksheet next to your desk to keep you focused on achieving your strategic vision. It charts your progress and key performance indicators.



Session Four: How to be a Great Leader and Build a GREAT Team - We will explain the keys to hiring, onboarding, engaging, and promoting the right people based upon 7 non-negotiable behaviors. Your people are your most valuable and expensive resource. It makes good sense to fully engage their insights, talents, and experience.


We understand that you are very busy. That is why we are offering you access to convenient on-demand videos  This way, you can watch the sessions at any time that is convenient for you. You can also watch the videos, or key sections, as often as you like.

Each video is accessible to you 24/7 for the remainder of your Accelerator Membership.


CLICK HERE to Access Session One: Business Model Map & Gap Analysis

Your starting point is to watch the Session One video. This workshop provides you with a brief introduction to the ManageHub Accelerator program.

Some of you may have already seen this introduction in the QuickStart video workshop. We explain ManageHub's mission, motivation, and methodology. In this case, you can fast forward to the new content. For your convenience, an index is provided above each video.

One thing we want you to remember from the introduction is that ManageHub is not a "guru" approach. Everything we teach you is tied to essential, time-tested management methodology like Baldrige, TQM, Quality Circles, ISO, Six Sigma, Kaizen, etc.  ManageHub's innovation is that we make it easier to adopt, deploy, and maintain a high level of management maturity.  ManageHub is non-theoretical and non-technical. We show you step-by-step how to do it!


The learning objectives of this session include:

  • Introduction to the ManageHub Accelerator.

  • Learn how your management approach and your company's success are connected and how you can use this knowledge to create an incredible competitive advantage.

  • Learn the management methods used by the largest, most successful companies... and why you should use them too!

  • Business Model Map Workshop - Learn how to map all the moving parts of your business, identify gaps, and create a prioritized improvement strategy that reduces your stress and helps prepare your business to break through to its next level of success.

  • Create your company's "Management Machine"

  • Create your company's private ManageHub software account.

  • Learn how to use your Business Model Map to customize your ManageHub account.



CLICK HERE to Access Session Two: Populating ManageHub Process Workspaces to Create Your "LIVING" Operations Manual


ManageHub Software is a cloud-based social-enterprise platform that organizes your company into self-managed process-teams. Each team is provided with a dedicated online workspace that they use to document the knowhow of performing their work and manage its continuous improvement. ManageHub provides you with a practical approach for engaging leaders, teams, and individual employees, setting improvement goals, and holding your people accountable for achieving your company's strategic goals.

The learning objectives of this session include:


  • Discuss the benefits of building a flat (process-level managed) organizational structure.

  • Learn how to write an effective standard operating procedure.

  • Reinforce key definitions and concepts.

  • Provide you with a systematic approach to improving your business, freeing your time, and achieving performance excellence one process at a time.

  • Demonstrate how to use ManageHub Process Workspaces.




CLICK HERE to Access Session Three: Using Your ManageHub Strategy Scorecard to Accelerate Results


Session Three continues building your company's "management machine" by adding in a strategic dimension to your ManageHub Accelerator course. After all, you need to know where you are accelerating to.


Notice that a required Strategic Theme that is hard-coded into your Strategy Scorecard is maintaining a company-wide focus on documenting and improving your key processes. Therefore, as homework, you will continue writing SOPs and populating your company's ManageHub Process Workspaces with their related knowledge, issues, ideas, projects, and to-do-assignments. The more progress you make with your processes, the faster you will be able to accelerate your strategies.


The learning objectives of this session include:

  • Define your company's mission, vision, BIG Dream, and Values.

  • Identify your strategic themes.

  • Learn how to implement your strategies using ManageHub Groups and Projects.

  • Discuss the importance of Continuous Improvement.

  • Demonstrate how to use ManageHub ComLogs to achieve an ongoing, organic, employee-powered continuous improvement cycle in your business.




CLICK HERE to Access Session Four: Building a GREAT Culture of Leaders, Employees and Teams


Session Four pulls all the pieces together. We add in the Leadership, Workforce, and Culture related elements needed to build your company's integrated management system.

The learning objectives of this session include:

  • The seven non-negotiable behaviors that bring your company's culture to life.

  • The leader's role.

  • Your employee's role.

  • The importance of your ManageHub management system to make adoption "sticky".

  • How to become a great employee coach/mentor.

  • How to use team meetings hold your people accountable with transparency.




[OPTIONAL] CLICK HERE to Create Your Company's Private ManageHub Software Account

(Requires an inapp purchase)







One of the barriers that prevent most smaller organizations from achieving rapid and sustainable growth is that they do not have, (or know how to create), a company-wide management system. Having a management system is important, even for the smallest organizations, because it automates your company's management processes in the same way your accounting software automates your company's bookkeeping processes.

Setting up your company's management system often starts by creating a central repository of Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPS, related to operating your business. However, to become a management system your book of SOPs must evolve into a vibrant framework that engages people to continuously improve your company.

Management methods, experts, and theorists explain that having a robust management system is the key to reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction (and retention), boosting profits, increasing sales, innovating new ideas, and building a culture where everyone knows how to work together to grow with your growing company.

Unfortunately, too many business owners either do not realize that they need a "management system", or they spend years trying to figure out how to fit all the required pieces, (knowledge, issues reporting, collaboration, employee engagement, project management, etc.), together.  It is mostly a trial-and-error exercise.  Eventually, every successful, sustainable, long-lived organization figures it out, but at what cost in terms of time, money and frustration?

A benefit of the ManageHub Accelerator program is that we did the heavy lifting for you. We created ManageHub. It is a ready-made, and ready-to-use management system for your business. All you need to do it customize the ManageHub framework with your company's departments, processes, people, projects, strategies, ideas, issues and knowledge. It uses a familiar social-collaboration interface to engage you and your people in an ongoing, organic, non-disruptive approach to managing your company's path to excellence, growth, and achieving your strategic goals.


CLICK HERE to Download Your Copy of the ManageHub Book



Download your free copy of the ManageHub Book. It is a companion to your Accelerator Bootcamp. Refer to related chapters and sections as instructed, or for clarification, as needed.


Do You Need Support?

If you have any questions or require support, please contact your ManageHub Coach.

If you have a technical issue accessing your Accelerator content, you can contact the ManageHub Accelerator Team at

If you have a technical issue related to using ManageHub Software click on the Feedback button that is located on the right hand edge of every page.

We are happy to help!

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