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The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is the United States Standard of Management Excellence

The Baldrige Program was created by an Act of Congress in 1987 to help organizations become more competitive and maximize their success

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The most successful businesses have adopted Baldrige including luminary companies like FedEx, IBM, AT&T, 3M, Cadilac, and Ritz Carlton Hotels

The best-run healthcare organizations and nonprofits have also adopted Baldrige as their standard of excellence

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There are over 70 Baldrige-based programs around the world

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The Baldrige standards are trusted, credible and proven. The National Institute of Standards and Technology ( maintains the standards and reports their impact:


  • Customer satisfaction

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Strategic execution

  • Financial stability and growth

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The "ManageHub Bootcamp" provides you with instant access to Baldrige based tools, training, and support.


The Bootcamp includes a library of short, step-by-step videos, e-books, and customizable tools that make it easy to begin your organization's Baldrige Journey to performance excellence. 

Learn more now!

Schedule a 15-minute consult to learn more about Baldrige and consider ways it can benefit your organization

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