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Session Description:


Learn how to use the ManageHub Strategy and toolset to help optimize your organization and achieve its goals easier, faster, and better!

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework?

  • How to use Baldrige-Based best management practices to create a highly organized, innovative, productive, and profitable organization

  • How the ManageHub Strategy uses LEAN management methods to translate Baldrige theory into a practical performance management system

  • The three "Management Moves" that you can use to optimize your organization

  • The 4-steps you can use to deploy the ManageHub strategy in your organization

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Download your free copy of the  ManageHub Strategy Playbook or one of our other popular eBooks.

LEAN + Baldrige = Success

Quickly optimize the performance of your organization by combining LEAN Management methods with the principles of the  United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework

Download your free copy of our "ManageHub Strategy" book and learn exactly how ManageHub helps you achieve your goals and maximizes your organization's success

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Manage Amazing Meetings

Learn how to use ManageHub's meeting format to help optimize the performance of your organization and accelerate its success.

Join the ManageHub Bootcamp to access the Manage Hub Meeting Book and a series of step-by-step instructional video workshops. Each workshop comes with a customizable template that you can start using immediately.   

Build High Performing Teams

Learn how to build great teams while they help you build a great department, business, or nonprofit

Download your free copy of our "LEAN-Team Building Game" book.  It is a fun learn-by-doing approach where the objective of the game is to complete a basket of your organization's high-priority strategic or process-improvement initiatives. 

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