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The ManageHub "Success Score"


Receive your organization's customized 25-page Baldrige-based feedback report that helps you create a prioritized improvement plan.

The Success Score is a first of a kind, Baldrige-based assessment that helps measure the impact of your organizational improvement initiative using the ManageHub Strategy (LEAN + Baldrige).

The Success Score Assessment generates six individual scores related to the following management dimensions: Leadership, Strategy, Customer-Focus, Employees, Operations, and Results.

The six individual scores are aggregated into one Success Score that you can use to help predict your organization's chances of long-term success.


Our objectives in creating the Success Score are the following:

  • Help leaders identify critical gaps that can impact their organization's future success and value

  • Suggest credible, Baldrige-based solutions to help fill identified gaps

  • Provide leaders with a way to measure their organization's improvement

  • Help businesses and nonprofits prepare for winning a Baldrige-based Award issued by the Alliance, the outreach arm of the Baldrige Program

  • For businesses seeking an exit: Provide prospective buyers with an independent assessment of the organization's maturity and sustainability as an indication of value.

The ManageHub Success Score was developed in collaboration with the Baldrige Alliance. The Alliance is the outreach arm of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, a worldwide standard of organizational excellence.

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