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The Baldrige Foundation ManageHub Accelerator

The fastest way to optimize your business (or nonprofit) is using the Baldrige Framework.

The Baldrige Foundation Institute for Performance Excellence and ManageHub have created a unique business accelerator that provides you, your leaders, and employees with the tools, training, and support you need to start quickly optimizing your organization by adopting the best management practices recommended by the U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework


Three Easy Ways to Start Your Baldrige Journey to Excellence

Continuous Improvement
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Baldrige Foundation ManageHub Accelerator

Onboarding & Development
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Team Meeting

Optimize Your Operations
Engage Your Employees
Achieve Your Strategies
Delight Your Customers
End Your Stress
Transform and/or Turnaround
Prepare for Unstoppable Growth
... oh, and, have Fun!

Imagine your business as it could be.

Imagine your employees... empowered, productive, and working together.

Imagine your operations... systematic, well documented, and continuously improving.

Imagine your customers... delighted, returning, and referring.

Imagine your strategies... Aligned, innovative, and fully implemented.

Now, imagine yourself... Imagine how happy you will be to lead a highly organized, innovative, productive, and profitable market leader.

The great news is that your greatest success is within your reach. It's all possible by adopting the best management practices recommended by the United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework.

It is the reason we created the Baldrige Foundation ManageHub Accelerator. You will receive everything you need to start your organization's Baldrige Journey to achieve its maximum success.


 We hope you will join!



Baldrige Institute Webinar Feb 2024 with Michael Kramer of ManageHub
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Five Integrated Baldrige Based Tools to Help Accelerate Your Success

Join the only Business Accelerator that helps you learn, customize, and deploy five essential Baldrige-based management tools.

Each tool is valuable in its own right. However, when used together they create a fully integrated and Baldrige-based performance management system.

Receive the Tools, Training, and Support You Need to Take Your Business (or Nonprofit) to its Next Level of Success!

Icon Suggestion System.png

Suggestion System: Initiate an always-on continuous improvement cycle that is fueled by your employee's valuable improvement ideas.

Icon Consensus System.png

Consensus System: Select and prioritize the best strategies by engaging all of the right people in a thoughtful and strategic decision-making process. 

Icon Meeting System.png

Meeting System: Solve the problem of unproductive meetings by structuring short and substantive "standups" that help dramatically improve communication, collaboration, and coordination of work.

Onboarding and Development System.png

Onboarding & Development System:  Optimize how you interview, hire, onboard, and develop every employee to high performance using a consistent mentoring system.

Culture System.png

Culture System: Create the ultimate "best place to work" culture by adapting ManageHub's 10 Behaviors that everyone agrees to encourage and perform.

You will use your existing software (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, etc.) to customize and deploy the above tools.


The tools are customized for your organization and work together to help create the ultimate fully integrated Baldrige-based performance management system.


You will be surprised how quickly you begin accelerating your organization's sales, profits, and value -- for everyone's benefit!

Business meeting
Stand-up Meeting

Win, Win, Win, WIN!

For over 20-years we been helping organizations maximize their sales, profits, and value using our Baldrige-based management systems.   

  • Optimize your organization's culture using 10 employee-focused behaviors.

  • Capture your employee's valuable ideas at their point-of-thought.

  • Engage your employees in strategic development and decision making.

  • Include your employees in implementing strategic and improvement initiatives.

  • Prepare your employees for advancement.

  • Develop your employees as future managers and leaders.

  • Recognize your employees for their impact.


Everyone wins when your organization adopts the Baldrige Framework.

Employees win because they are empowered to share their ideas, help make decisions that impact their work, participate in strategic teams, and are mentored to high performance that prepares them for promotion. 

Leaders and managers win because they have the visibility they need to set clear expectations and hold their employees (and themselves) accountable for making progress. 

Your organization wins because it has a credible, proven, and scalable framework that helps create a more flexible, resilient, responsive, and successful organization that meets the evolving needs of its customers, employees, and community,

Your community wins because your organization becomes a key success factor in helping create the economic opportunity and systemic change our society needs for all people to participate as full partners in our shared future.

Receive the Tools, Training, and Support You Need to Accelerate Your Organization's Success

The Baldrige Foundation ManageHub Accelerator combines group training with private one-on-one sessions for your organization's Baldrige Implementation Team. 

You receive:

  • Access to our library of tools and on-demand video training for your entire organization.​

  • Online (Zoom) group training for your organization's employees.

  • Monthly, online (Zoom) private one-on-one sessions for up to 5 of your organization's designated Baldrige implementation team.

  • Access to customizable Excel, Google Sheet, WORD, or Google Doc versions of our suite of Baldrige-based tools.

  • An enterprise-level license to customize and use the Baldrige-based tools.

  • Support customizing our suite of Baldrige-based tools for your organization's unique needs.

  • Access to the ManageHub Meeting Book and Checklists.

  • Access to the Baldrige-based "Success Score" self-assessment to benchmark and measure progress

The cost to participate is $6000 per month for Organization-wide membership. 

Apply through the Baldrige Foundation and pay only $4,750 per month and as a bonus receive a complementary partnership to the Baldrige Foundation Institute for Performance Excellence and access to all of its resources and discount educational offerings.

Group Seflie


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Imagine what The Baldrige Foundation ManageHub Accelerator can do for you!


Participating in the ManageHub Accelerator is a game changer.  The customizable tools fit together to create your organization's Baldrige based performance management system. And, best of all, you will likely start to see results within the first weeks of adoption.