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ManageHub Accelerator Session One

Let's start accelerating your business...


​​Your assignment is to:

  1. Watch the three-session videos

  2. Prepare your company's Business Model Map

  3. Create your company's private ManageHub Software account.


Business Model Map Worksheets:




Download and print a few copies of this worksheet and complete it as instructed during the Session One presentation. Alternatively, you can use a blank paper and pen to take notes. You will be completing your official Business Model Map in your Step #2 Homework section below.



ASSIGNMENT: Prepare Your Company's Complete Business Model Map.

Time Commitment: Approximately 2-5 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your business. For example, a larger company with employees may need the input of several people from each department to complete (or review) the Business Model Map to ensure it is as complete as possible.

Due Date: Your Business Model Map (BMM) is due prior to the Process Standardization Webinar. We will refer to your BMM during the session and throughout the remainder of your Accelerator.

Description: Creating your company's Business Model Map is your Accelerator's starting point. Your Business Model Map provides an insightful strategic overview of how your organization works and ways it can be improved. Later, you will use your Business Model Map to create a prioritized strategic implementation plan that both fills your organization's gaps and prepares it to break through to its next level of success. You will also use it as a handy reference when setting up your company's private ManageHub software account.  For your convenience, the ManageHub Setup Wizard has been configured to mirror the elements of the Business Model Map. So, please take your time and do a thoughtful and thorough job.

To help you complete your Business Model Map we created two step-by-step on-demand videos. The first video helps you take an inventory of all of your company's processes. The second video creates an insightful gap analysis. Also, read the Business Model Map section of Chapter 3 of your ManageHub Book. It's only a few pages but gives you good insights not covered by the videos.


Instructions: Simple, watch the videos and complete your organization's Business Model Map. If you have a ManageHub Coach, have them review your completed Business Model Map. When ready, proceed to Session Two.


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