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ManageHub Accelerator Session  Four

Now, let's involve your team and accelerate your business to breakthrough speed!



So far you should have:

  1. Created your company's Business Model Map (BMM).  (Session One)

  2. Created your company's private ManageHub Software account.  (Session One)

  3. Used your Business Model Map to customized your company's ManageHub account with the departments, processes, and people. (Session Two)

  4. Written up to ten Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to your ten highest priority processes. (Sessions Two and Three)

  5. Populated up to ten of your ManageHub Process workspaces with their related SOPs, and any issues, ideas, or projects associated with the process on your Business Model Map. (Sessions Two and Three)

  6. Created your first ManageHub Strategy Scorecard. (Session Three)

  7. Now, in Session #4 you should begin engaging your partners and employees by incorporating ManageHub Coaching and Team Meetings into your leadership routine.



Employee Coaching Worksheets:

ASSIGNMENT: Engage Your Employees as Your Partners in Excellence

Use your new ManageHub Coaching techniques to engage your partners and employees as Process and Project Managers. Make them responsible for populating their ManageHub Process Workspaces with the related SOP, Issues, Ideas, Projects, and/or ToDos.

  1. Prior to watching the Session #4 video, please download and print a copy of the Employee Coaching Cheat-Sheet. Please keep in mind the the "Cheat-Sheet" is an abridged version of the complete Coaching SOP provided in the Coaching Chapter of the ManageHub Book.

  2. Watch the Session Four videos.

  3. Invite up to 5 partners or employees to become Process Managers for the work that they perform. Use ManageHub's structured coaching approach to engage your team in writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to their processes. Make each Process Manager responsible for populating their  ManageHub Process workspaces with its related SOPs, knowledge, issues, ideas, and/or projects. Empower each Process Manager to use ManageHub to involve everyone who performs the process, whether they are local or located around the world.

  4. As more and more employees are engaged as Process and Project Managers, add daily or weekly Team Accountability Meetings.

  5. Consider allowing your ManageHub Coach to help you engage your team. They can help you onboard your first Process Teams, conduct one-on-one coaching sessions, and facilitate team accountability meetings.


Time Commitment: Depending on the health of your company's culture and the state of your individual employee relationships, you will likely need to dedicate between 20-60 minutes a week per employee. Your level of involvement will decrease over time. However, keep in mind that collaboration does not happen by itself. It must be facilitated. If you do not have the time, or inclination to coach your partners and/or employees, consider engaging your ManageHub Coach to work directly with your key employees, both individually and as a team.




Due Date: Ongoing.

You can never stop. If you do, the benefits of adopting Quality Management techniques, as described in the ManageHub Accelerator, will slowly fade, just as they appeared.  Old habits will resurface. Although it is harder in the end to manage re-actively, (like putting out the same fires over and over again, instead of extinguishing them at their root, once and forever), it does seem like less work, right now. It is all too easy to manage by the seat of one's pants rather than with thoughtful sophistication.  Don't let that attitude harm your business.

Building an EXCELLENT company is a journey. It requires leaders to encourage and enforce the seven ManageHub non-negotiable behaviors. Excellence must become your "Company-Way" of operating. It must become your company's DNA.

Look for hundreds of little improvements over time adding up to a 1000-fold benefit, because, when adopting Quality Management methods like ManageHub, the whole is often much greater than the sum of its parts.


Instructions: Continue writing your SOP's and populating your ManageHub Process Workspaces.

Use your ManageHub Coaching SOP to engage as many of your partners and employees as Process and Project Managers as possible. Start by engaging 1-5 high-potential people. Add more as you win champions, and supports.

Begin conducting daily or weekly Team Accountability Meetings. At first, the meetings will be mostly educational. Start assigning roles, (Process Manager positions) and responsibilities, (Project and ToDo Manager positions.)  As your Process and Project Managers begin to make progress have them report their success.

Invite as many partners and employees into ManageHub as possible. Encourage them to use the ManageHub ComLog feature to report their issues and ideas. Review and assess each submission. Make sure the issues are properly associated with the related Department, Process, and Manager. Be sure to thank both the person who reports the issue or idea and encourage and reassure the Process Team who is responsible for resolving it. Make sure that no one resents having an issue reported to their Process Team. Celebrate the resolution. Honor the reporting employee, but honor even more the process team who quickly takes corrective action. Everyone will be watching it! If you do this right, the Process Team should thank the reporting employee for giving them an opportunity to shine.

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