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Virtual CIO, CISO and CSO Services

Custom Solutions

ManageHub Offers Customized Virtual CIO, CISO and CSO Services that Fit Your Organization's Unique Needs

Whether you require an immediate, temporary or long-term placement,  ManageHub customizes a solution that meets your organization's needs.

Immediate, Temporary Placement

Organizations requiring the temporary services of a virtual leader to help maintain stability while searching for a permanent replacement.

Ongoing Placement

Organizations desiring the ongoing support of an experienced CIO, CISO or CSO but want to avoid the expense of a full-time placement.


Support and Advisory

Organizations wanting to support their existing leadership with new ideas and credible methods for improving team-management, compliance, security maturity, strategy, productivity, etc.

Whatever your needs, ManageHub will create a customized solution for your unique situation.

Fractional IT and security expertise at a fraction of the cost

Organizations are looking for alternative to expensive full time employees and consultants. Instead, they are opting for virtual solutions that provide always-on access to leaders who help manage all aspects of their IT and security programs. Fractional leaders can help your organization achieve its objectives:

  • Complete special projects

  • Fill skills gaps

  • Reduce payroll costs (benefits)

  • Manage compliance programs

  • Develop strategy

  • Prepare and deliver presentations

  • Assist with sales meetings

  • Manage and engage employees

  • Oversee performance

  • Assess and recommend improvement

  • Measure and report progress

Virtual CIO or CTO

A fractional CIO or CTO performs  all typical leadership roles including:

  • Optimize organization's value through technology

  • Align technology strategic plan with the organization's overall strategy and growth objectives.

  • Optimize systems and procedures to achieve outcomes

  • Develop and manage customer service platforms

  • Manage IT and development personnel

  • Negotiate vendor contracts related to IT

  • Minimize information risk management (IRM).

  • Establish IT policies, strategies, and standards.

  • Develop and approve technology features

  • Budget and report recommendations and results

And More...

Virtual CISO or CSO

A fractional CISO of CSO performs all typical leadership roles including:

  • Manage compliance programs

  • Review and update key documents including, Information security policy, Access control policy, Risk assessment and risk treatment methodology, etc.

  • Prepare and perform security training and awareness plan.

  • Perform validation testing

  • Perform risk assessments

  • Propose security objectives

  • Measure and report progress

  • Maintain KPI measures

  • Incident reporting and management

  • Perform risk assessment for activities to be outsourced

  • Perform background check for candidates for outsourcing partners
  • Manage improvement plans

And More...

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CyberLive is an Alternative to Expensive and Disruptive On-Site Consultants and Off-Site Training

Optimize your organization's security program with online access to a team of cybersecurity experts who help you focus on addressing the requirements of one or more cybersecurity frameworks:


  • ISO 27001/27002

  • CIS Critical Security Controls

  • NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Security

  • SANS

Have confidence knowing you have "always-on" support from seasoned cyber professionals.They can help you demystify complex and confusing cybersecurity requirements and terminology. They can also help you make decisions, select technologies and choose the best options for your organization.

Affordable memberships start at $895 per month

How Can a ManageHub Virtual CIO, CISO or CSO Help You?

Schedule a 15-minute conversation with a ManageHub solutions specialist to assess your organization's needs.

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