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ManageHub offers your organization a suite of hands-on presentations and workshops designed to inspire your people to reach higher, faster!

Choose from a variety of engaging topics, formats, and presentation- lengths from 20 minutes to multi-day workshop events.

You can even host a private workshop for your company, executive team or Board of Directors.


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San Francisco, CA 94158

  • The Lean Scale-Up - A how-to guide for adopting the Lean Scale-Up approach in your business or non-profit

  • The CEO's Toolkit - 8 leadership tools from employee performance management to KPI Scorecards

  • The Ultimate Team Building Game - How to Build great teams by having them build you a great company

  • 6-Steps to SuperGrowth - The breakthrough formula

  • The 12-Month Strategic Cycle - An annual strategic process that  sparks innovation and competitive advantage

  • The Success Score - A rapid assessment that benchmarks your organization's current maturity and measures it ongoing improvement

  • Non-Profit Management - A roadmap to managing a non-profit like a successful business

  • The BEST Board of Directors - How BoDs can leverage the Baldrige Leadership Framework to optimize organizational performance

  • Cyber-Live - How to optimize your organization's cybersecurity program

  • CMMI-Live - How you can achieve Level 3 Certification in 4-months

  • M&A Live - Preparing your business for sale

Did you find a topic that interests you? Suggest a topic that your organization would like ManageHub to present  



  • Workshops -  Learn how to use new leadership, strategy and team-building approaches to improve your organization

  • Presentations - Learn new leadership, strategy and team-building ideas and concepts without the workshop component

  • Keynotes - Engage your plenary with unique concepts and inspiring stories that relate to building extraordinary organizations

  • Panel Discussions - Share unique Baldrige-based perspectives related to building innovative, productive, profitable and high performing organizations



All presentations are available in either online or in-person formats. However, it is best to limit the length of an online presentations to about 90-minutes.


  • 20 Minute - Available for keynote speeches, presentations and panel discussions

  • 1 Hour - Available for presentations, mini-workshops and panel discussions

  • 90 Minute - Available for presentations, mini-workshops and panel discussions

  • 2 - 3 Hours - Available for presentations and workshops

  • 4 - 5 Hours - Available for presentations and workshops

  • Full Day - Available for workshops 

  • Multi Day - Available for workshops

Did you find the meeting length you are looking for? If not, please let us know and we will work to accommodate you.



All presentations are available as either public or private events. For example, you can schedule a workshop for just your Executive Team, Board of Directors or your entire company.

Schedule a private 90-minute event

Would your executive team or board of directors benefit from a ManageHub presentation or workshop?


You can choose from one of our topics or we can customize a presentation to fit your needs.

You can also customize the meeting length and select an in-person or online format.

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