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Become a ManageHub Pro

Offer Baldrige+LEAN Business Coaching

Complement your firm's current offerings with remote or in-person Baldrige-based business coaching

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Do you qualify?


You must be an experienced business executive, professional, consultant, coach, or advisor who meets the following requirements:

  • You currently offer professional services related to sales, marketing, accounting, law, IT, HR, project management, quality management, leadership, strategy, teambuilding, or employee coaching

  • You have an established and active practice of current and/or former clients

  • You want to complement your current service-offerings with ManageHub's Baldrige-based leadership development, team-building, business optimization, exit planning, and/or turnaround service

The ManageHub Bootcamp provides the training. You hold your clients accountable, and provide your unique brand of encouragement, guidance, and support.

Maximize Your Firm's Revenues

Offering ManageHub services helps you:

  • Reengage former or graduated clients

  • Extend the lifetime value of your current clients 

  • Increase your sales-close rate by offering prospective new clients multiple service-options

  • Minimize the risk of losing current clients to a competing consultant hired to fill your firm's service-gap(s)

  • Offer new services to clients that already know, like, and trust you

  • Differentiate your practice from the hundreds of other consultants who sel similar services

  • Diversify the services you offer to minimize the impact of changing conditions. For example, AI related automation replacing aspects of your current service-offering

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Brainstorming Session

Benefit Your Clients


Here are examples of results achieved by ManageHub adopting organizations:

  • 98% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

  • 100% Employee Engagement (no quiet quitting possible)

  • 55% Increase in Operational Productivity

  • 100% of Strategic Plans Implemented

  • 44% Increase in Number of Clients Served

  • $250,000+ Annual Savings From Optimizing One Process

  • 37% Increase in A/R – Cash Collections

  • Grew from 3 to 7 Locations

  • International expansion

  • Multiple 14x plus EBITDA Exits

How valuable would these impacts be for your clients?

ManageHub Makes it Easy

The ManageHub Bootcamp Provides the Training:

  • Your engagements are supported by ManageHub's series of short 10–30-minute online video workshops called the Bootcamp

  • The Bootcamp workshops come with customizable versions of the ManageHub Tools

  • To speed learning, the Bootcamp is non-technical, non-theoretical, and non-threatening. It offers a simple, step-by-step, learn-by-doing approach

  • Your clients simply watch the videos that are relevant to their organization

  • The Bootcamp significantly reduces the time you spend teaching basic concepts. Instead, you focus your time on holding your clients accountable, and providing encouragement, guidance, and support.

You Hold Your Clients Accountable and Provide Encouragement, Guidance, and Support

A typcial ManageHub engagement has three phases:

  1. Quick Discovery Phase: You start your ManageHub engagements by working with your client's leadership to:

    • Identify a prioritized list of goals

    • Create an implementation plan

    • Select project team members representing key departments or programs of the organization 

  2. Onboarding Phase: Next, you engage your client's project team by:

    • Introducing basic Baldrige concepts

    • Sharing your client's implementation plan

    • Assign the relevant ManageHub Bootcamp sessions to watch

    • Customize relevant ManageHub Tools, typically starting with the ManageHub Meeting Worksheet

  3. Ongoing Monitoring Phase: Once set up, your focus shifts to reviewing your project team's work, answering their questions, suggesting adjustments, and reporting progress to your client's leadership, as needed


Typical ways you drive value: 


  • Performance Management: Use the ManageHub tools to help your clients create a systematic, fully integrated, and Baldrige-based performance management system.

  • Team Building:  Use ManageHub to build incredible teams that know how to work together to serve your client's customers, and improve their organization.

  • Strategy: Use the ManageHub tools to create a highly valuable and "living" strategic planning, and implementation process.

  • Leadership Development: Use ManageHub to help leaders improve the way they communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work at all levels of the organization. (Leaders become the conductor of the symphony without needing to play any of the instruments.)

  • Operations Optimization/Turnaround: Use the ManageHub Tools to identify and fill critical operational gaps that often result in significant year-over-year savings.

  • Customer Satisfaction, Attraction, and Retention: Leverage your client's ManageHub engagement to dramatic improve the organization's customer experience resulting in increased satisfaction, retention, and referrals.


  • Meeting Management: Your clients may like you to facilitate their ManageHub Meetings.

  • Standups: Your clients may like your help adapting the ManageHub Meeting approach to create one or more operational standups, like a Finance Department Standup, HR Department Standup, Client Services Standup, etc.

  • Exit or Succession Planning: Your clients may like your help preparing their organization for succession or an M&A transaction.

Just a Few Hours a Week

  • Engagements are super-efficient because they can be performed remotely, online, using Zoom or some other collaboration platform 

  • Your time commitment depends on your client's unique circumstances but generally ranges from 30-minutes to about 3-hours per week

  • Your time commitment is self-limiting because an organization only has so much time to commit to organizational improvement

  • Initially, your time is spent helping your clients customize and use relevant ManageHub Tools

  • Once the initial set up is complete the majority of your time is spent:

    • Facilitating weekly cross-functional strategy meetings 

    • Monitoring and coaching client's project team

    • Measuring progress (using the Success Score and KPI Worksheet)

    • Reporting to your client's leaders

The ManageHub Tools help provide you with an endless supply of high-value initiatives that benefit from your oversight. Also, there are always new people to engage and cultivate as future leaders.

Charge Your Usual Rates and Retainers


You can charge your firm's current rates, typically, about $500-$750 per hour.

However, we recommend you charge a flat monthly retainer of $2,000 - $6000 that provides a fixed number of hours of your time per month.


(See ManageHub Pricing for an example)

No Franchise Fees. No Expensive Training. No Financial Risk!

ManageHub is a learn-by-doing opportunity. There are no franchise fees or expensive training courses. 

You pay a ManageHub Pro License of $1,495 per month.


There is no financial risk because we will not accept you into our PROgram unless you have at least one paying client lined-up to participate in your new ManageHub coaching practice.


Then, to maintain your license, you need to build up to at least three paying clients who also purchase a ManageHub Bootcamp Subscription.

  • First 3 months: You are required to have at least 1 ManageHub Bootcamp Subscription at the $495/m level

  • First 12 months: You are required to have at least 2 ManageHub Bootcamp Subscription at the $495/m level

  • 13 months and beyond: You are required to have at least 3 ManageHub Bootcamp Subscription at the $495/m level

You receive:


  • Access to the ManageHub Bootcamp

  • Access to at least 1-hour of online support per month that is used in four primary ways:

  • Bootcamp training

  • Sales-cycle support

  • Assistance customizing ManageHub Tools for a client's unique needs

  • Client satisfaction monitoring

  • Access to ManageHub's Referral Network: If you have clients but lack the time to do the work, you can refer  clients to ManageHub and receive a 10% referral fee on paid coaching fees for the life of the engagement

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