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Create your firm's proprietary "Business Operating System" based on the best management practices recommended by the United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework

The Baldrige Framework is America's standard of best management practices. It has been adopted worldwide by the best run organizations to optimize their performance and maximize their sales, profit, and value growth. 

Now, for the first time you can create your firm's private Baldrige-based business operating system and award program. 

Align all of your portfolio companies and operating managers to a common best practices framework. Encourage information-sharing. Best of all, create friendly competition where operating team race to see who can increase performance and value the fastest. 

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Download our Executive Summary to learn the benefits of using Baldrige to create your firm's customized business operating sytems and awards program.


Why Baldrige?


The United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Program was created by an Act of Congress in 1987 to encourage American companies to become more competitive. It has since been adopted worldwide by leaders who want to increase their company’s sales, quality, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and profitability.


Prestigious Baldrige-based Awards have been earned by the largest and most successful companies in the world including Nestle, IBM, PWC, and FedEx.

ManageHub can help your firm create a private-branded Baldrige-based award program to align your portfolio companies with the U.S. "gold-standard" of management excellence. Use your firm's private award program to encourage each portfolio company to reach higher, faster and maximize their individual results.

Your firm's customized business operating system can be used to prepare  your high performing companies for regional and national Baldrige awards. Baldrige-based recognition helps increase a company's value and multiple by providing independent corroboration of the business's sustainability, scalability and performance excellence.

The ManageHub Toolset makes it easy to create your firm's proprietary business operating system

The ManageHub Strategy is a step-by-step and easy-to-implement Baldrige based performance management system. 


  • The ManageHub Strategy is based on the United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework

  • The ManageHub Strategy translates Baldrige management theory into a practical system that supports "learn-by-doing" organic training

  • The ManageHub Strategy combines "top-down" and "bottom-up" management to create an "inside-out" approach where everyone is connected, highly engaged and driving results

  • The ManageHub Strategy is powered by 10 customizable management tools.

  • Download your free copy of the ManageHub Strategy playbook

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Get started with one company or create your firm's private Baldrige based award program

ManageHub can help you turnaround or optimize one company's performance or create your firm's private online community where your leadership teams meet to share information, document know-how, report and resolve issues and ideas, develop strategies, implement projects and assess progress. 

Two ways to benefit:


  1. Individual portfolio companies can implement the ManageHub Strategy and improve their productivity, efficiency, team-communication, product/service quality, and customer satisfaction.

  2. ManageHub can create your firm's proprietary business operating system where portfolio companies exchange methods, tools and insights. The result is an always improving proprietary formula for creating high performing and high-value companies.

Robert Smith at Vista Equity Partners did it from scratch. You don’t have to. [Read the WSJ Article]

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