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Charitable Foundation Services

Maximize Impact While Minimizing Risk

Your foundation wants to benefit social good.

You want to have a verifiable impact.


You want to ensure your investment results in an organization that is sustainable, long-term.


  • How do you create the maximum benefit and reduce risk with your funding choices?

  • How can your investment encourage and reward performance excellence in 501(c)3s?

  • How can your investment be used to leverage funding from other foundations and donors?


The answer to the problem is hiding in plain sight:

The Malcolm Baldrige
National Quality Award Program

ManageHub delivers Baldrige to small- and medium-sized organizations in a cloud-based solution and customized consulting and training.


We provide assurance that your grantees are taking steps to be well-managed and worthy of your interest and investment.

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Create an Online "Community of Excellence" to help your funded (or prospective future) grantees adopt best management practices

ManageHub's online Community of Excellence engages a nonprofit's employees to help build sustainable, scalable, and successful organizations.


  • Use 10 non-negotiable behaviors to set clear expectations and create a high-performing culture.

  • Organize employees into a network of "self-managed" process teams. Each team learns how to document and improve the work they perform with support and oversight.

  • Adopt daily (or weekly) "Accountability Meetings" to create visibility and motivate teams to achieve their objectives.

  • Employ one-on-one "Performance Coaching" to help individual employees make the leap to high-performance

  • ManageHub's Community of Excellence uses the "ManageHub Strategy" book and  its 10 easy-to-use tools


Your foundation can fund a virtual CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Development Director, HR, or Executive Coach to help an at-risk nonprofit fill a critical leadership gap

Nonprofits often lack the funds to fill critical roles like COO, HR Administrator or Development Director.


ManageHub offers a deep bench of virtual and fractional leaders and coaches who are certified to implement our national standard of performance excellence.

Each ManageHub Pro is supported by a team of management professionals who are experts in quality management practices.


Our objective is to maximize the sustainability, scalability, and performance of supported organizations and help them quickly achieve their objectives.

Create your foundation's private Baldrige-based awards program to encourage all of your funded organizations to adopt the United States standard of performance excellence

The United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Program was created by an Act of Congress in 1987 to encourage American businesses and nonprofits to become more sustainable, scalable, and innovative. It has since been adopted worldwide by leaders who want to increase their organization’s quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and achieve their objectives.


Prestigious Baldrige-based Awards have been earned by nonprofits wanting to maximize their impact. Award winners include the VA Center for Organ Recovery & Education, Cooperative Studies Program Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center, Adventist Health White Memorial, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Southcentral Foundation, Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation, and the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton.

ManageHub can help your foundation create a private-branded Baldrige-based award program to encourage your funded organizations to adopt the "gold-standard" of nonprofit management excellence. Participants will have unlimited access to live online training sessions that teach executive directors, mid-managers, and frontline employees how to implement the Baldrige-based ManageHub Strategy and toolset.

Progress will be measured using the Baldrige-based Success Score and reported to your foundation. The highest performing nonprofits will become role models for your other grantees and qualify for your foundation's branded, Baldrige-based award. Award-winning nonprofits can leverage your recognition to attract additional funding from other foundations.

Here are a few benefits of creating your foundation's Baldrige-based Community of Excellence

  • Provide funded organizations with a turnkey performance management system and leadership toolset

  • Multiply the impact of your foundation's investment

  • Help ensure the long-term sustainability and scalability of your funded organizations

  • Create a measurable standard to reduce the risk of continuing to fund under-performing organizations

  • Align all funded organizations to a credible standard of excellence

  • Create role-model organizations that others can look to for encouragement and inspiration

  • Help participating nonprofits increase quality, consistency, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and employee engagement

  • Extend your foundation's reach to benefit worthy at-risk nonprofits who do not yet meet your funding criteria

Schedule a 15-minute conversation with a ManageHub Foundation Specialist to assess your organization's needs.

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