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Download Your Free Copy of my New Book

I spent the last 15 years helping leaders optimize the performance of their organizations using my "ManageHub" performance management system.


In my new "Management Moves" book I share my story including founding, growing, and negotiating the sale of my first business to the world's most famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist, John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins.


I also share the three "management moves" I use to help leaders build super-engaged teams that build super-lean operating businesses and nonprofits.


The "ManageHub Strategy" works like magic. Find out how you can benefit!

~Mike Kramer, CPA

Download your free copy of the "Three Management Moves" book

Please check your email for a download link!


“I always wondered how I could implement a lean management philosophy in my business. Now I know. Thank you!” 

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