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Virtual HR Services

Custom Solutions

ManageHub Offers Customized Virtual Human Resources Services that Fit Your Organization's Unique Needs

Whether you require an immediate, temporary or long-term placement,  ManageHub customizes a solution that meets your organization's needs.

Immediate, Temporary Placement

Organizations requiring the temporary services of a virtual leader to help maintain stability while searching for a permanent replacement.

Ongoing Placement

Organizations desiring the ongoing support of an experienced Human Resources professional but want to avoid the expense of a full-time placement.


Support and Advisory

Organizations wanting to support their existing leadership with new ideas and credible methods for improving recruiting, on-boarding, performance management, etc.

Whatever your needs, ManageHub will create a customized solution for your unique situation.

Fractional HR expertise at a fraction of the cost

Organizations are looking for alternatives to expensive full-time employees and consultants. Instead, they are opting for virtual solutions that provide always-on access to leaders who help manage all aspects of their HR department. Fractional leaders can help your organization achieve its objectives:

  • Recruiting

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Compliance (HIPAA, FMLA, etc.)

  • Benefits administration

  • Health and safety

  • Conflict resolution

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Performance management

  • Coaching

  • Culture development

  • Satisfaction surveys and assessments

  • Measure and report progress

HR Generalists & Specialists

A fractional HR Professional can perform all typical management roles including:

  • Job description development

  • Job posting management

  • Recruit, interviews, and hiring

  • Background checks and employee verification

  • New hire orientation

  • Recognition programs

  • Compensation

  • Benefits

  • Paid Time Off

  • Disciplinary matters

  • Disputes and investigations

  • Occupational health and safety; and training and development.

  • Handles sensitive matters to the appropriate staff

  • Terminations

  • Federal, state, and local employment compliance

  • HR strategy development

  • Employee surveys

  • KPI measurement and reporting

  • Best practices, regulatory and compliance monitoring

  • Board and executive presentations

And More...

Optimizing Workplace & Workforce

Higher-level HR functions focus on maximizing the ROI of your most valuable resource - your people:

  • Mission, Vision and Values development and alignment

  • Communication and collaboration systems

  • Team building and leadership development

  • Employee coaching, mentoring and engagement

  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) management

  • Focus group facilitation

  • Employee innovation round-tables

  • Strategic planning, implementation, monitoring, adjustment and reporting

  • Employee-engaged problem solving

  • Employee-powered continuous improvement

  • Recognition and Award programs
  • Employee community building
  • Future leader development programs
  • Employee experience, satisfaction and retention

And More...

How Can a ManageHub Virtual HR Professional Help You?

Schedule a 15-minute conversation with a ManageHub solutions specialist to assess your organization's needs.

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