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Small Business Advisor Training

Offer your clients LEAN + Baldrige-based Business Coaching services

Offer more than a business "operating system." Offer an employee-powered Performance Management System!

Help your clients make the leap from a struggling small business - with all of the typical pains and problems - to a highly organized, innovative, productive, and profitable market leader.

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Business Owner

“Most small business leaders and advisors defer tackling management issues until the business is already struggling with the typical growing and slowing pains, like inefficient operations, inconsistent quality, customer complaints, plateaued sales, disgruntled employees, and working, and worrying 24/7/365.” 


—  Quote from Video Two - Best Practices 101

Watch our Three-Part
LEAN + Baldrige-based
"Roadmap to Excellence"
Advisor Training Video Series

Receive everything you need to offer your clients valuable LEAN + Baldrige-based Management Planning services

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Roadmap to Excellence
Worksheet & Triage Checklist

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