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Learn how to run insanely quick and productive meetings

Start by adopting the Meeting "Hub" and then slowly add more and more management "spokes" to optimize the performance of your people, processes, and strategies

(Exclusively Available to Bootcamp Members)


Join the ManageHub Bootcamp and receive access to the ManageHub Meeting Book, customizable templates, meeting checklists, and a video library of step-by-step instructions 

Explore the Bootcamp Workshops:






Learn how to use ManageHub's "Accountability Meeting Worksheet" to build great teams, develop employees as future leaders, and accelerate results

Learn how to:

  • Structure shorter and more effective management meetings

  • Accelerate progress on your organization's key initiatives

  • Set clear expectations

  • Hold your people accountable for accomplishing expected tasks

  • Align your employees to your organization's shared rules and behaviors

  • Recognize and celebrate your employees

  • Build great teams and develop future leaders

  • Measure progress

  • Track valuable ideas and issues from reporting to resolution

  • Use the meeting "HUB" to add on management "SPOKES" that optimize the performance of your people, processes, and strategies





Learn how to  use ManageHub's "Project Business Case Worksheet" to help build consensus and pursue the best strategies for your organization

Learning how to:

  • Use the worksheet to help your employees clearly define the benefits of pursuing a strategy or project before investing your organization's time and money

  • Minimize the need for brainstorming meetings

  • Replace the chaos of multiple manager-ways for managing projects with one super-efficient company-way

  • Create your organization's PMO (Project Management Office)

  • Ensure all relevant voices are heard

  • Train your employees to build consensus

Business Case Worksheet.png
SOP (Training Manual) Template.png


SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) WRITING WORKSHOP


Learn how to use ManageHub's "SOP Template" to help create or update your organization's operations manual

Learn how to:

  • Engage your employees in writing your organization's book of SOPs

  • Establish your organization's "standard for standardizing"

  • Create a consistent structure so that each SOP fits together

  • Empower your employees to manage, document, and improve the processes they perform

  • Avoid the stress and distraction of lost process knowledge when a key employee leaves

  • Use your SOPs to support employee learning plans

  • Provide the basis of your organization's continuous improvement cycle



The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) WORKSHOP


Learn how to use ManageHub's "KPI Worksheet" to help create a holistic set of measurements related to your organization's leadership, strategies, customers, workforce, operations, and financial results.

Learn how to:

  • Create a holistic set of KPIs that provides a 360-degree view of your organization:

    • Leadership

    • Strategy

    • Customer (satisfaction, complaints, etc)

    • Workforce (satisfaction, retention, etc)

    • Operations (productivity, waste, etc)

    • Financial Results (sales, gross profit %, etc)

  • Use the data to proactively identify trends that may represent emerging opportunities or threats

  • Identify target values using data shared by trade associations, the government, or the U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Workshee
Value Proposition Analysis Template.png



Learn how to use ManageHub's "Value Proposition Analysis Worksheet" to identify strategic opportunities, innovative ideas, and to help reverse engineer your competitor's "secret sauce"

Learn how to:

  • Create a quick competitive analysis that doubles as a valuable strategic planning tool

  • Identify your industry's "innovation leaders" and the products and services they offer

  • Reverse engineer the marketing methods that make your competitors so successful

  • Identify how each competitor differentiates itself

  • Perform a SWOT analysis of each competitor

  • Customize the worksheet to gather even more information like:

    • Target Markets and Customer Audience served by each competitor

    • Geographic areas served

    • Delivery methods (retail, online, via distributors, etc)



The Ten Cultural Behaviors Workshop


Learn the ten key Baldrige-based behaviors you can use to build a valuable employee-powered culture of excellence

Learn how to:

  • Translate your organization's values into 10 essential behaviors

  • Use the 10 behaviors to establish clear performance expectations for your employees

  • Use the 10 behaviors to hire, onboard, coach, and promote the best people

  • Use the 10 behaviors to measure your employees' performance

  • Use the 10 behaviors to create a positive culture of self-managed employees where everyone wants to maximize their impact

ManageHub Management Systems Checklist.p


The Management Systems Checklist 


Learn how to use ManageHub's "Management Systems Checklist" to help identify your organization's management gaps and create a roadmap for building your organization's fully integrated Performance Management System

Learn how to:

  • Assess the relevance of 30+ essential Baldrige-Based management processes for your organization

  • Create or improve critical processes that may be the source of problems in your organization

  • Identify the types of tools other organizations use to manage key management processes

  • Create a handy roadmap for building your performance management system
  • Identify issues, inefficiencies, and waste associated with critical process
  • Identify the employees who can help you improve the related management processes


The "Business Model Map" Worksheet Workshop


Learn how to use ManageHub's "Business Model Map Worksheet" to help identify your organization's operational gaps

Learn how to:

  • Create a department-by-department inventory of your organization's operational processes

  • Identify who does what work

  • Identify current and potential operational bottlenecks that can slow your organization's growth

  • Identify ideas for improving each process

  • Use the completed worksheet to connect the dots between related issues across processes and departments

  • Adapt the Business Model Map to create your organization's operations manual

BMM 4.png
Employee Performance Coaching Worksheet.


The Employee Performance Coaching & LEARNING PLANS Workshop


Learn how to use ManageHub's "Performance Coaching Worksheet" to help mentor your people to high-performance

Learn how to:

  • Structure short 10- to 30-minute coaching conversations

  • Leverage your employees' insights, experience, knowledge, and creativity

  • Create a learning plan for each employee

  • Establish, monitor, and support achieving goals

  • Mentor your employees to high-performance

  • Train your employees to coach themselves between coaching sessions

  • Measure performance based on ManageHub's 10 Non-Negotiable Behaviors

  • Encourage cross-training, job-sharing, and promoting from within



The Wishlist Workbook Workshop


Learn how to use ManageHub's "Wishlist Workbook" to identify the issues you want to solve, the work you want to delegate, and the Baldrige impacts you want to achieve

Learn how to:

  • Survey leaders, managers, and selected employees for their insights

  • Identify the critical operational and management issues your key people want to resolve

  • Identify the key operational and management process your key people want to delegate to free their time and become more effective

  • Identify the key strategic, customer, operational, employee, and financial results you and your key people want to achieve

  • Prioritize which objectives you will pursue first

Wishlist Workbook.png
Success Score.png


Baldrige-Based Success Score Self-Assessment


Learn how to use ManageHub's Baldrige-based "Success Score Self-Assessment to help benchmark your organization's current maturity and measure its improvement over time

Learn how to:

  • Use the Success Score Assessment to identify critical gaps that can impact your organization's future success

  • Identify credible, Baldrige-Based solutions to help fill identified gaps

  • Measure and report your organization's improvement 

  • Prepare for winning a Baldrige-based Award issued by the Alliance, the outreach arm of the Baldrige Program

  • For businesses seeking an exit: Provide prospective buyers with an independent assessment of your organization's maturity and sustainability as an indication of its value

Join the ManageHub Bootcamp and receive everything you need to start using the ManageHub Meeting Method.

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The ManageHub Bootcamp is organized into a suite of online video training sessions:

  • Receive unlimited individual access to the entire video collection for as long as you remain a member

  • Each video session focuses on building a critical element in your organization's Baldrige-based ManageHub performance management system

  • Sessions include the customizable versions of the related ManageHub tool in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL format

  • Receive a copy of the ManageHub Meeting book that includes step=by-step instructions for setting up and managing ManageHub Meetings

  • Receive access to monthly support sessions

  • Quit anytime

Learn More About the ManageHub Performance Management System




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A limited number of partial scholarships are available for qualified organizations. Contact us for more information.

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