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ManageHub Bootcamp

How a ManageHub Engagement Works

ManageHub Bootcamp
Brainstorming Session

What results do you want to achieve?


Here are examples of results we helped leaders and their teams achieve:

  • 98% customer satisfaction

  • 100% employee engagement

  • 55% increase in productivity

  • Growth from 3 to 8 locations

  • Employee growth from 20 to 200+

  • 15x increase in sales

  • 100% strategies implemented

  • 44% increase in clients served

  • $250,000+ annual savings from optimizing just one process

  • 37% increase in A/R – cash collections

  • Grew from 3 to 7 Locations

  • 11x EBITDA exit

  • 18x EBITDA exit

How do these impacts align with what you would like to achieve?

Is a ManageHub engagement right for my organization?


The ManageHub Strategy can help any business or nonprofit that meets the following requirements:

  1. Wants to achieve one or more of the following:

    • Restructuring, optimization, or turnaround

    • Improved accountability and transparency

    • Team building, employee engagement, and retention

    • Create a flatter, more flexible, resilient, and responsive organization

    • Scaling up

    • Leadership development

    • Continuous (process) improvement

    • Value growth and M&A

    • Succession or continuity planning

    • Minimize department and knowledge silos

    • Strategic planning

    • Board governance

  2. Wants to build a self-managed organization that operates like a finely-tuned machine

  3. Wants to maximize its organization's success by adopting credible and proven best management practices based on the United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework 

Business Consultation
ManageHub Engagement Steps.png

Four Phase Engagement Process

Your ManageHub engagement follows the four-step approach outlined in the ManageHub Strategy book.

1) Introductions and Interviews


Your ManageHub Pro meets with you, your key leaders, managers, and frontline employees to gather information, assess your organization's overall management maturity, and define improvement objectives.

2) Prioritize and Plan


Your ManageHub Pro works with you, your key leaders, managers, and frontline employees to develop a prioritized improvement plan based on the requirements outlined in the United States Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework.

3) LEAN-Team Setup and Implement Prioritized Plan


The implementation phase begins by selecting one or more (preferably frontline) employees from each department to serve as your organization's LEAN-Team. Your LEAN-Team is trained how to manage collaboration within and between departments. They also learn how to engage relevant employees to help ensure time-sensitive tasks are being completed and reported. 

4) Progress Reporting and Recognition


Your ManageHub Pro helps facilitate a weekly meeting where you, your key leaders, LEAN-Team members, and participating employees meet to report progress, identify blockers, and recognize successes.

As progress is made, the organization updates its improvement objectives to pursue increasing levels of excellence. 


How does an engagement work?

  • ManageHub is a learn-by-doing approach. This means that your employee's time is focused on improving your organization and achieving its business goals, rather than learning theory in a classroom.

  • You and your team are given access to the ManageHub Bootcamp which is a library of short, on-demand videos that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the ManageHub Strategy's Baldrige-based methods and tools.

  • Using the ManageHub Bootcamp saves time because your employees only watch the videos that relate to your organization's customized improvement plan.


  • To accelerate results, your ManageHub Pro trains one or more employee-representatives (preferably from the frontlines) to serve as your organization's LEAN-Team. LEAN-Team members learn how to manage collaboration within and between departments. They also help ensure tasks are completed on time, and blockers are reported and resolved.

  • Initially, your LEAN-Team and ManageHub Pro focus on setting up your organization's Baldrige-based deployment by using one or more Bootcamp tools. Using the Bootcamp tools helps create a highly structured, effective, and customized engagement:

    • Accountability Meeting Worksheet Setup: The Accountability Meetings serve as "Manage Hubs" where participants report progress, identify blockers, indicate next steps, and recognize successes. The worksheet can be adapted for both strategic and operational standup-style meetings that cascade throughout your organization.

    • Business Model Map review/preparation: The Business Model Map is used to assess the health of your organization's key operational processes managed by each department. Once completed, the "map" helps your leaders and ManageHub Pro connect-the-dots cross-functionally to create a prioritized improvement plan.

    • Management Systems Checklist review: The checklist assesses the health of over 30 management processes required by the Baldrige Framework to achieve organizational excellence. Once complete, the checklist helps you, and your key leaders identify management-gaps that may be impacting your organization's performance and success.

    • Business Case Worksheet Setup: The worksheet helps create a valuable continuous improvement cycle by helping you, your key leaders, and employees build consensus and select the best strategies.

    • Employee Performance Coaching Worksheet Setup: The worksheet helps your organization optimize the way it onboards, mentors, and trains employees for maximum long-term impact.

    • Wishlist Workbook Review: A simple approach for helping you, and your key leaders identify the problems you want to solve, the management or operational processes you want to delegate to free your time, and the Baldrige-ROI your organization wants to achieve.

    • ...and more.

Not all tools are (immediately) required by every organization. However, when a gap exists, the tools provide you and your employees with a structured starting point to jumpstart improvement.​

  • Once the initial setup is complete, the focus of your ManageHub Pro shifts to helping your LEAN-Team, and participating leaders and employees achieve your organization's stated objectives:

    • Using the Accountability Meeting format to manage weekly cross-functional strategy meetings and/or daily operational standups

    • Monitoring, and coaching your organization's LEAN-Team

    • Measuring progress (using the Success Score and/or KPI Worksheet)

    • Reporting to the organization's Executives

Within a few months your organization should start to experience new levels of accountability, transparency, and employee engagement. Time-consuming and distracting recurring issues should begin to disappear. Progress on valuable strategies should accelerate. The fog should begin to lift, and you and your key leaders should feel more in control over all the moving parts.

At the same time your leaders and employees should be able to identify ways to organically create a flatter and more dynamic organizational structure. The result should be a more resilient, responsive, flexible, and innovative organization that is able to achieve its objectives easier and faster.

Virtual Team Meeting

A few more points...

Here are a few more advantages to adopting the ManageHub Strategy:

  • Replaces the time and expense of classroom training with remote, and "always-on" online support that is focused on driving immediate value.

  • Enhances your employees' confidence by adopting management methods that are tied to LEAN and the United States Baldrige Performance Excellence standards.

  • The ManageHub Strategy is executive-directed but employee-driven. This bottom-up approach helps leaders free their time by identifying high-performing frontline employees that they can confidently delegate more-and-more administrative and/or management responsibilities.

  • Supports you, and other key leaders by creating a LEAN-Team of frontline employees who helps manage all aspects of the ManageHub Strategy, and are trained as future leaders.

  • Creates one "company way" to manage people, projects, process improvement, and strategies.

  • Creates a culture of process systematization, standardization, and continuous improvement helping organically achieve operational efficiency, cost savings, and eliminating waste.

  • ManageHub's meeting format introduces a standard standup approach that help create new levels of alignment, accountability, and transparency:

    • Introduces meeting rules that support short, efficient, effective, and positive meetings

    • Shortens meetings by training employees to resolve issues outside of general meetings

  • Introduces employee "performance" coaching and learning plans to onboard and mentor all employees to high-performance.

  • Improves decision making by introducing a decision-matrix that aligns your client's leaders, managers, and employees to your organization's mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities.

  • Expands KPI tracking to six Baldrige-based dimensions: Leadership Strategy, Customer, Employees, Operations, and Results.

  • Enhances reporting, measurement, and visibility at all levels of the organization from the Executive Suite to the frontlines.

  • Measures progress using ManageHub's Baldrige-based Success Score self-assessment tool.

Learn More About the ManageHub Strategy


“I always wondered how I could implement a lean management philosophy in my business. Now I know. Thank you!” 


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