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Baldrige-based Performance Coaching and Team-Building

Leadership and Team Performance Coaching

ManageHub Performance Coaches Are Certified in the Baldrige-based "Lean Scale-Up" Approach

ManageHub Performance Coaches provide your leaders and teams with the tools, training and support they need to help optimize your organization's performance and achieve its goals

Baldrige-based coaching maximizes the value of your time and investment

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework is America's Management Operating System. Baldrige represents over 70 years of best management practices and is the basis of Lean, Agile, Six Sigma, ISO, etc. Your ManageHub Coach leverages the Baldrige Framework to help your leaders and teams maximize their impact and achieve your goals. Typical engagements may include:

  • Leadership skills development

  • Employee engagement and performance

  • Team building and management

  • Creating a culture of excellence

  • Transition from start-up to scale-up to enterprise

  • Organizational Turnaround

  • Value Growth and M&A

  • Strategic planning and implementation

  • Adoption of Lean management practices

  • Process Systematization and standardization

  • Improving the customer's experience

  • Board of Directors engagement

Explore how a ManageHub Performance Coach can help your organization. Schedule a 15-minute conversation with a solutions specialist.

Your ManageHub Coach starts by listening and gathering the facts

ManageHub coaching engagements begin by interviewing key employees and assessing the maturity of your organization's operational and management systems.

Your ManageHub Coach then helps your leaders and their teams create an improvement plan with key deliverables identified, tracked, and reported with accountability and transparency.

ManageHub helps your leaders build the scalable foundation your organization needs to achieve its goals

Your ManageHub Coach provides your leaders and teams with the tools, training and ongoing support they need to achieve performance excellence

  • Open new lines of communication

  • Facilitate effective collaboration

  • Eliminate knowledge silos

  • Optimize meetings while reducing their number and length

  • Build consensus and agreement

  • Set clear expectations

  • Hold employees and teams accountable

  • Enhance visibility and reporting

  • Recognize high-performing employees and teams

A ManageHub Coach helps you maximize the impact of your leaders and teams


  • Establish effective meeting rules

  • Encourage asynchronous communication

  • Facilitate collaboration between and within departments
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly reporting routines
  • Build an employee-powered culture of excellence and innovation


  • Empower employees to manage the work they perform

  • Encourage front-line employees to report and resolve issues and ideas for improvement

  • Engage employees to document critical operational knowledge

  • Identify future leaders


  • Optimize strategic planning into an annual cycle

  • Engage employees at all levels in your strategic process

  • Replace "seat of the pants" planning "intelligent risk-taking"

  • Implement, monitor, adjust and report progress

How Can a ManageHub Coach Help Maximize the Impact of Your Leaders and Teams?

Schedule a 15-minute conversation with a ManageHub solutions specialist to assess your organization's needs.

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