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Receive the tools, training and support your organization needs to jump-start its transformation into a systematic, resilient, innovative and self-managed organization

The Nonprofit Community of Excellence consists of 4 key elements:

  1. ManageHub Bootcamp
    A recurring management Bootcamp where you and your team can learn
    how to implement essential management practices recommended by the U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework for Businesses and Nonprofits.

  2. LEAN-Team Implementers' Roundtable
    Membership in a monthly roundtable where your organization receives support, shares results, discusses blockers, and celebrates successes with a panel of peer-advisers


  3. Skills Training for Leaders and Staff
    A calendar of web-events for you and your team that explores important topics related to HR, Marketing, Accounting, Audits, Foundation Relations, SEO, and other requested subjects.


  4. Best Practices Sharing Collaborative
    An online community where member organizations can share knowledge, resources, and tools. The collaborative can even facilitate the development of shared back-office services related to HR, Marketing, and Foundation Relations.

The objective of all four Community of Excellence offerings is to help every member design and implement a clear roadmap for becoming a more systematic, sustainable, and scalable organization.

Your organization receives:

  • Unlimited organization-wide access to all online Bootcamp training and support sessions

  • Unlimited organization-wide access to all online Skills Training sessions

  • Unlimited organization-wide access to the ManageHub Strategy book for both leaders and staff

  • Unlimited organization-wide access to 10 customizable ManageHub management tools

  • Roundtable Membership for up to 3 of your organization's leaders and/or "LEAN Team" Implementers

  • Best Practices Sharing Platform access for up to 3 of your organization's leaders and/or LEAN-Team Implementers

Invest just a few hours each week to free your time and help unlock (or unblock) the full potential of your organization!

Here are a few results we helped leaders and their teams achieve:

  • 98% customer satisfaction

  • 100% employee engagement

  • 55% increase in productivity

  • 100% strategies implemented

  • 44% increase in clients served

  • $250,000+ annual savings from optimizing one process

  • 37% increase in A/R – cash collections

  • One day COVID pivot to 100% remote services

  • Attracted more than $1M in new funding

What results would you like to achieve?

The ManageHub Bootcamp faithfully follows the simple, step-by-step optimization approach outlined in the "ManageHub Strategy" book

  • The Bootcamp is organized into 10+ individual online workshops

  • Each workshop focuses on building a critical element in your organization's "Lean Scale-Up" performance management system. To learn more about how the ManageHub Strategy works:

  • Online Q&A sessions are offered to help you and your employees complete your homework assignments, (if needed)

  • Further support is provided by your monthly LEAN-Team Implementer's Roundtable

  • You and/or your staff can repeat the Bootcamp as often as you like. You can also use the Bootcamp to supplement onboarding new employees, volunteers, and Board members


Monthly Implementer's Roundtable

You (and up to two additional  LEAN-Team Implementers from your organization) are invited to join a monthly Roundtable where members shares results, discuss blockers, and celebrate successes with their peers.

​​Initially, the objective of the Roundtables is to support each member organization's implementation of the Bootcamp curriculum. These early sessions will be facilitated by a Certified ManageHub Pro who will answer questions and train participants on how to use the Roundtable's standardized meeting format.

As member organizations make progress, the focus of the Roundtables will shift to become a monthly strategy session. At this time, the Roundtable will offer each member an opportunity to report on their organization's progress and hold each other accountable for achieving their stated objectives.


The Roundtables are a wonderful opportunity for you and your team to develop close working relationships with other nonprofit leaders.

Leaders helping leaders, what can be better?


Skills Training for Leaders and Staff

You, your Board, and your employees will have unlimited organization-wide access to a calendar of web-events that explore important topics related to HR, Marketing, Accounting, Audits, Foundation Relations, SEO, and other requested subjects.

Every event will follow a standard meeting format that provides your organization with one or more tools, templates, or techniques that can be put to immediate use.

Planned topics include:

  • Board Governance

    • Board – Staff Roles/Responsibilities and Separation-of-Duties

    • Executive Director Performance Assessment

    • Board Member Performance Assessment

  • Accounting

    • Cashflow

    • Audit

    • Quickbooks

    • Internal Controls

  • Marketing

    • Website

    • Social Media

    • Community Engagement

    • Collateral Design

  • HR

    • Recruiting

    • Onboarding

    • Surveys and Focus Groups

    • Performance Reviews

    • Mentoring Future Leaders

  • Fundraising

    • Donations Management

    • Grant Writing

    • Fundraising Events

Following every event, a recording of the session and the featured tools and templates will be archived by subject in the Best Practices Sharing Platform for your future reference.

Introduction to the Baldrige-Based

ManageHub Strategy Session

Session Description:


Learn how to use the ManageHub Strategy and toolset to help optimize your organization and achieve its goals easier, faster, and better!

Learning Objectives:

  • What is the U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework?

  • How to use Baldrige-Based best management practices to create a highly organized, innovative, productive, and profitable organization

  • How the ManageHub Strategy uses LEAN management methods to translate Baldrige theory into a practical performance management system

  • The three "Management Moves" that you can use to optimize your organization

  • The 4-steps you can use to deploy the ManageHub strategy in your organization


Best Practices Sharing Collaborative

You (and up to two additional LEAN-Team Implementers from your organization) are invited to join our online best practices sharing platform where member organizations can share knowledge, ideas, marketing templates, operating procedures,  resources, and tools.

The platform will also be used to archive recordings, tools, and templates shared during skills training events.

The online platform provides you and your team with additional opportunities to meet, network, and collaborate with leaders who share your interest in creating a high-performing nonprofit organization.

Pink to Orange Gradient

Learn More About the "Lean Scale-Up" Performance Management System


Intorduction to the ManageHub Strategy W



Learn More About the ManageHub Performance Management System

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