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Leverage Your Success!


Rollout your management/operating systems to your client's frontline employees, where everyone is fully engaged and knows their number


You have a successful practice, but times are changing. The new COVID-economy is making it harder to attract and retain long-term clients.


Client budgets are tightening. Their priorities are changing.

Staying relevant and maximizing revenues requires having a suite of service-options that fit the evolving needs of your current, former, and prospective clients.


Consider offering ManageHub Pro services. It complements your current service-offerings but goes deeper, focusing on processes, culture, and employee engagement.

Friendly Conversation

Who is this for?


Any successful consultant, coach, or advisor who meets the following requirements:

  1. Is currently implementing a nationally recognized coaching system that focuses on leadership development, team building, strategy, and/or organizational excellence

  2. Has an established and active practice of current and former clients

  3. Wants to offer complementary services that enhance and leverage (but does not "break") their current service-offerings

How will offering the ManageHub Strategy help maximize my firm's revenues?

Offering ManageHub services helps you:

  • Reengage former or graduated clients

  • Extend the lifetime value of your current clients (for example, turn $60k into120k)

  • Increase your sales close rate by offering prospective new clients multiple service-options

  • Minimize the risk of losing a current client to a competing consultant hired to fill a perceived or actual service-gap

  • Offer new services to clients that already know, like, and trust you

  • Differentiate your practice from the hundreds of other consultants who sell similar services

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How does the ManageHub Strategy complement the services I already offer?

Offering ManageHub services helps you:

  • Enhance your client's confidence by offering services tied to LEAN and the United States Baldrige Performance Excellence standards

  • Focus on employee-engagement, driving value to all levels of your client's organization including their frontline employees

  • Multiply the impact of your client's Core Values by translating them into 10 "non-negotiable" behaviors that align leaders, managers, and employees to a single standard of excellence

  • Perform a valuable cross-functional gap analysis that helps you establish strong and unshakable working relationships with your client's high-potential managers and frontline employees

  • Focus on process systematization, standardization, and continuous improvement to achieve operational efficiency, cost savings, and eliminate waste

  • Introduce 15-minute daily operational standups to create alignment, accountability, and transparency

  • Introduce 30-minute weekly cross-functional "Accountability Meetings" to encourage collaboration and recognize individual and team contributors

  • Introduce meeting rules that support short, efficient, effective, and positive meetings

  • Shorten meetings by training employees to resolve issues outside of general meetings

  • Introduce employee-coaching and learning-plans to mentor all employees to high-performance

  • Integrate employee recognition to further motivate high-potential employees to high-performance

  • Improve decision making by introducing a decision-matrix that aligns your client's leaders, managers, and employees to the organization's mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities

  • Expand KPI tracking to six dimensions: leadership strategy, customer, employees, operations, and results

  • Enhance reporting, measurement, and visibility at all levels of the organization from the Executive Suite to the frontlines

  • Measure progress using ManageHub's Baldrige-based Success Score self-assessment tool

How can my clients benefit?


Here are a few results we helped leaders and their teams achieve:

  • 98% Customer Satisfaction

  • 100% Employee Engagement

  • 55% Increase in Productivity

  • 100% Strategies Implemented

  • 44% Increase in Clients Served

  • $250,000+ Annual Savings From Optimizing One Process

  • 37% Increase in A/R – Cash Collections

  • Grew from 3 to 7 Locations

  • 11x EBITDA Exit

  • 18x EBITDA Exit

How valuable would these impacts be for your clients?

Brainstorming Session

How does a ManageHub engagement work?

Your ManageHub engagement is supported by a series of live, online workshops called the "Bootcamp." Your client's leaders and integrators (we call them the LEAN-Team) are encouraged to attend. They will receive all the basic training necessary for using the ManageHub tools. The Bootcamp is non-technical, non-theoretical, and non-threatening. It is a step-by-step, learn-by-doing approach that drives value with every workshop.

The Bootcamps significantly reduce the time you (the "Pro") spend teaching basic concepts. Instead, you focus your time on answering questions, reviewing "homework," and advising the best next steps.

The following outlines a basic engagement protocol. As you will see, engagements begin by reviewing "homework" and customizing the ManageHub tools for your client's needs. However, the "Pro's" time quickly shifts to monitoring progress, assisting internal implementers, and managing/monitoring ManageHub "Accountability Meetings."

  1. You, the "Pro" help select ideal LEAN-Team Integrators – the best candidates are likely from your client's frontlines who really want an opportunity to grow (Hungry, Humble, Smart)

  2. Your client's LEAN-Team Integrators (and any other employees who may benefit) attend the relevant Bootcamp sessions for basic-training

  3. The "Pro" reviews Bootcamp assignments with their client's LEAN-Team Integrators as they are completed:

    • The Wish List Workbook

    • The Business Model Map (BMM) - The "Pro" may opt to help their client prepare/review the second draft of the BMM through one-on-one or small group interviews because it is an excellent opportunity to build a strong long-term relationship by getting to know the key players down to the frontlines and identify high-potentials

    • The Baldrige-based Management Systems Checklist

    • The Strategic Decision Matrix

  4. The "Pro" reviews and helps customize their client's first Accountability Meeting Worksheet (more strategic focused):

    • "Pro" will role-play the meeting structure helping prepare internal implementers and/or the CEO for running the meeting

    • "Pro" attends the meetings, usually on mute, offering feedback during a 5 minute debrief that occurs after. The frequency of attending the meeting declines as their client becomes proficient but bi-monthly random check-ins are an opportunity to drive ongoing value, format-tweaks, etc.

    • Sometimes the Client will have the "Pro" run the meeting until they feel comfortable

  5. The "Pro" reviews and helps customize the Accountability Meeting worksheet for a Daily Operations Standup Meeting (sometimes this meeting occurs less frequently):

    • "Pro" will role-play the meeting structure helping prepare internal implementers for running the meeting

    • "Pro" attends the meetings, usually on mute, offering feedback during a 5 minute debrief that occurs after. The frequency of attending the meeting declines as their client becomes proficient but bi-monthly random check-ins are an opportunity to drive ongoing value, format-tweaks, etc.

    • Sometimes the Client will have the "Pro" run the meeting until they feel comfortable

  6. "Pro" works with Implementers to oversee their "Facilitated Management" role as explained in the Lean Scale-Up Book

  7. “Pro” serves as a buffer between LEAN-Team Integrators and the organization's CEO

  8. "Pro" works with the CEO to monitor, report, adjust and recognize progress

What is the "Pros" time commitment?

  • Your time commitment is self-limiting because an organization only has so much time to commit to organizational excellence.

  • Your time commitment is likely equivalent to the other services you offer, however, instead of spending full and/or half-day sessions, your time is spread out into short, more frequent meetings. This provides the benefit of an ongoing "always-on" relationship that is actively and visibly driving value. (These short sessions can flow around existing full-day sessions)

  • Initially, your time is spent helping complete "Bootcamp" assignments:

    • Wishlist Workbook review

    • Business Model Map review/preparation

    • Management Systems Checklist review

    • Establishing Strategic Decision Matrix

    • Customizing the Accountability Meeting Worksheet for the weekly cross-functional strategy meetings and the daily operational standups

    • Customizing the Employee Performance Coaching Worksheet (usually deferred until later)

  • Once the initial deployment is complete the majority of the "Pros" time is spent:

    • Monitoring or running the weekly cross-functional strategy meetings and daily operational standups

    • Monitoring, coaching client's internal implementers

    • Measuring progress (using the Success Score and KPI Worksheet)

    • Reporting to CEO

By offering ManageHub services there is always more value to drive because the Business Model Map provides an endless supply of high-value initiatives and there are always new people to engage and cultivate as future leaders.

Image by Adeolu Eletu

How much do I charge my clients?


You can charge your client's your firm's current rates.


(Typically about $500/h or $4000/m for 8 hours)


How do I become a ManageHub Pro and what does it cost?

ManageHub does not currently require an upfront certification fee or offsite training. Instead, we certify qualified candidates through a fee-splitting arrangement during a short "apprenticeship" period. Once certified, the fee-splitting arrangement is replaced by a monthly per-client support fee for the lifetime of the client relationship.


Alternatively, you can also refer your clients to a ManageHub, if you do not have time to offer ManageHub services but have clients who would benefit.

Apprentice Business Model:

  • Sales-cycle support

  • Shadow co-implementation

  • Client satisfaction monitoring

  • Split fee until confident and proficient (usually the first 3 clients)

ManageHub Pro Business Model:

  • Client monitoring

  • Access to additional support when needed (safety net)

  • ManageHub Pro pays $495/m for their Pro license.

  • ManageHub Pro ensures their clients maintain a $495/m or greater ManageHub Community of Excellence membership for the lifetime of their engagement

Referral partner receives:

  • You receive a 20% referral fee for the life of the client engagement

Please contact me with more information

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Would you like to learn more?


Complete the contact form for a tour of the ManageHub Strategy.

Let's explore ways you can enhance your brand reputation and differentiate your firm from similar consultants.

  • Ongoing recurring monthly revenue in line with what you currently charge for coaching

  • Drive new value all the way down to the frontlines (“down to the plant floor”)

  • Deepen and broaden client relationships with employees at all levels (touch more people)

  • Maximize Client ROI in business improvement investment

Learn More About the "Lean Scale-Up" Performance Management System


“I always wondered how I could implement a lean management philosophy in my business. Now I know. Thank you!” 


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