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Put the Three Management Moves to work in your Small Business or Nonprofit organization.

Visit our Community of Excellence webpage and learn how you can engage ALL of your employees in helping you build a lean, systematic, resilient, and innovative organization that is prepared for rapid growth.

Download Your Free Copy of the Three Management Moves Book

In my new "Management Moves" book I share my story including founding, growing, and negotiating the sale of my first business to the world's most famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist, John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins.


I also share the three "management moves" I use to help leaders build super-engaged teams that build super-lean operating businesses and nonprofits.


~Mike Kramer, CPA

Download your free copy of the "Three Management Moves" book

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“I always wondered how I could implement a lean management philosophy in my business. Now I know. Thank you!” 

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